"Yandex.Health" – application for recording in private clinics of Moscow

IT-companies strive to penetrate most spheres of human life. Health care is one of the most promising.

Today, Yandex has launched an app that will help you to make an appointment at a particular private clinic in the capital.

In the launch of the 130 participating private hospitals — about one third of the total number in Moscow. Later "Yandex.Health" will work in other cities. Companies will be able to request integration service.

The Creators abandoned the web version and limited app for Android and iOS. There you can choose a specific specialist find a clinic on the map and view the history of visits. The application offers a test for the selection of a specialist prior to registration at the reception.

Gregory bakunow, Director of the technology extension company, gave an interview where he spoke in detail about "Yandex.Health".

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