Spin-off racing series Asphalt are available in the Play Store

Asphalt 8 — still one of the most popular races on mobile platforms. However, Gameloft is not in place and periodically produces offshoots from the series.

Today in the App Store and Play Store appeared "Asphalt Extreme". Is an arcade game where the gray expanse of asphalt was replaced by a bumpy road.

New tracks – new cars. The players offer 35 licensed cars-class buggy, muscle car, SUV and other. To overcome obstacles and to come to the first offer in the valley of the Nile, the Gobi desert, the industrial area of Detroit.

Before you start the engine and push the pedal to the floor, check the graphics settings. By default, the resolution and image quality are average, which may negatively affect impressions of the game.

"Asphalt Extreme" free to install and passing, but contains in-app purchases.

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