Google will begin to understand the magic words

"Corporation of good" has announced a partnership with Warner Bros. Picture as part of a promotional campaign of the film "Fantastic beasts and where they live".

The Result was the support of "spells" in the voice search and panoramas of new York, 1926 in Street View.

Now, users can activate the flashlight with the command "lyumos" and to pay "Knox". The characters Joanne K. Rowling used these words to light or extinguish a small light source at the end of a magic wand. To mute the sound on your smartphone, it is enough to say "Silencio", after the words "OK Google".

Also available in Street View stylized retro panorama of new York city, where the action of the movie "Fantastic beasts and where they live".

More on the official Google blog showed a fragment of the same game, exclusive for VR-slam Daydream View.