Stereo Bluetooth: overview of acoustics SVEN SPS-615

SVEN SPS-615 is a two-lane acoustics, which according to its sound characteristics and functionality can be compared with a full music centre. Connection to audio sources available in both wired and wireless modes. The stereo pair is connected to personal computers, laptops, TVs and DVD/CD/MP3 player, and also communicates with mobile devices via Bluetooth. But that's not all: in acoustics has a built-in audio player that reproduces sound with USB flash drives and memory cards. In the details view, consider the system in detail and find out whether the manufacturer's parameters of reality.

Design and construction

The Design of SVEN SPS-615 can be considered a classic: the case of hexagonal columns made of wood – a favorite material of music lovers. Round speakers stacked-type dolls. The design turned out simple, concise, and at the same time modern and fashionable, as evidenced by finishing the front panels of glossy black plastic and silver bezel speakers. Pleasantly surprised that in the budget model, the manufacturer has applied a full two-lane scheme. The result is acoustics boasts a wide frequency range, which is inaccessible to single-sideband systems.

Like most acoustic SVEN, stereo SPS-615 comes with remote remote control with which to adjust the playback. Basic settings you can perform using the buttons located on the front panel of the active speaker near the speakers. The combination of digital and analog control custom settings are retained even when power is removed.

Inside the system not installed switching power supply, transformer model, which contributes to less interference and is more reliable. Amplifier based on the TDA2030 chip class. Small speakers can boast of good power supply.


The Numbers that we received during testing, almost completely coincide with the values stated in the specification list. The lower limit of the frequency range is at 60-70 Hz is an excellent result for small speakers. The threshold upper frequency set at 30 kHz. On the top segment of high frequencies and mid considerable disparity at the level of ±3 dB, which makes the sound sonorous and alive. The vocal and instrumental parts come out clean, vibrant, and detailed.

The tone controls nothing to complain about – they provide lift and blockage of the necessary parts, whereby it is possible to easily adjust the acoustics to the music of a particular genre. Significantly extends the frequency range and compact bass reflex tuned to 90hz. Of sound we liked: the "tip" of the low-frequency range is heard in full, elevated above target line high frequency range makes the sound sonorous and alive. To volume we are unable fault: even at maximum distortion, we did not notice. When connecting the speakers to a mobile device in wireless mode, the sound does not deteriorate.


The Results of the testing, we were satisfied: the acoustics reproduces pure, deep sound with a rich bass that can be adjusted to your taste. The sound quality when connected to your smartphone and tablet wirelessly remains high: no noise or distortion we have not heard. And, of course, not to mention the design, which harmoniously combines elements of classic and modern.

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