Clean Google and Microsoft app stores

Apple, Google and Microsoft used to brag about the presentations a number of applications in retail stores. But the quality of the content top managers prefer to remain silent. However, regularly working to remedy the situation.

In the Play Store and Windows Store launched the global "cleaning", as officially stated by the representatives of IT giants.

The Official Google blog announced a major update of the store. In the Play Store has earned a new filter to detect false reviews and installations. Previously, unscrupulous developers to "cheat" a high rating and raised their creation (often low quality) in the tops of the store.

Once a filter is suspect application fraud, a rating in the virtual store leveled. If the developer caught cheating twice, all programs will be removed.

Microsoft does not trust Windows to Store filters and algorithms, preferring manual cleaning. The Corporation sent out letters to developers warning about cleaning the unsupported programs or those that do not meet the new rules.

According to WindowsBlogItalia, over the past 3 weeks only from the Italian segment of the store removed about 100,000 applications.