Huawei will give discounts on November 11

Huawei announces a discount on its products in branded online store, as well as some of the partners on November 11. This date in China is considered the equivalent of "Black Friday". Under the discount gets almost entire range of Telecom products. Therefore if you are thinking to buy some device and allow Huawei as their vendor, you can begin to prepare financials.

Among the partners noticed Ulmart, Citilink, MTS, M. Video.

In addition, in the period 1 to 10 November, the discount will appear in the company store but only on one of the popular models of Honor (Honor 5A, 4CPro Honor, Honor 5C, 5X Honor, Honor 7 16 GB and 32 GB Honor 8), which will give 1111 rubles. The start of sales announced daily from 11:11 a.m. Moscow time.

A Press release of the company suggests that you subscribe to the site, will also get the coupon 300 rubles that can be exchanged for a discount on the flagship model. The coupon will be available for redemption only on November 11.

The number of devices is limited.

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