Music without borders. Wireless headphone BH-01 from Rombica

Feel complete freedom to listen without wires, combined with sound quality and bright style. Series mysound wireless headphone BH-01 from Rombica combines high-quality sound and stylish design. Live sound has never looked so attractive.

Those who are looking for cheap stylish headphones with good sound will appreciate the novelty of Rombica, it will be discussed in this review.

Appearance and ergonomics

Rich dynamic sound, high-quality materials and finishes, complete lack of wires — all of this you can find in the headphones BH-01. The length and diameter of the rim will help to prepare your headphones for comfortable use.

Well as comfort during use, provide a stylish ear cushions covered with eco leather is of good quality. The model is presented in two colors: universal black and color of ripe cherries. Design, attention to detail and high quality sound make headphone BH-01 find for hipsters and music lovers.

Functionality and interfaces

The Headphones are wireless. Working on Bluetooth 2.1 technology.

All control in the wheel on the outer face of the right Cup. On the same right side, but on bottom side there is a built-in microphone that allows you to accept incoming calls if the headset is currently paired with your smartphone, micro-USB connector for charging the internal battery and LED indicator, responsive to the turning on/off the device. On the bottom of the left earphone is the audio input.

Audio and sound

20 Hz-20 KHz – frequency range loudspeakers with a diameter of 36 mm allows not to restrict the operation of the device and gives the potential to more accurately, without distortion, to transmit audible frequencies. Of course, test this is probably only one way — by wearing a pair of headphones and after listening to them, which I did.

The midrange is detailed, but not expressed too clearly. High Frequencies are slightly subdued, do not cut the ear at maximum volume.

In the lower range I didn't notice any obvious abnormalities. The main focus of the submission made to the area of midbass. I think this is intentional because of the shape of the bowl headphones that do not adhere firmly and ignore external noise. It becomes noticeable when you go outside or down in the subway. Deep bass is present, but it is sometimes a little lacking. The rest of the bass is very good. It's fast, smudge, texture, everything is as it should be.

In my opinion, the sound characteristics form factor headphones. BH-01 have a great opportunity of self-expression and can emphasize your individuality, but not lose in sound quality that is equally important.


Headphone BH-01 run from the built-in battery capacity of 300 mAh. From my experience this is enough for 9 hours of music.

Packaging and contents

The Headphones are Packed in transparent blister, so before buying you can see how they look in reality. On the reverse side of the box has a lot of useful information about the device, which will also help in making purchasing decisions. The headphones are mounted on a cardboard rectangle inside of which is a documentation and micro-USB cable.

Swing music

Most of the manufacturers claim that the headphones do not require "warming up", but can't deny the fact that during a certain period of time the sound will change little in a natural way. To speed up the process of this change, the easiest way for me is playing music through headphones at least fifty hours on average listening volume. The consequence of this "warming" may be the following changes: align and expand the reproduction of frequencies in the lower and upper range; improves the separation of instruments on the recording; the sound stage will become more open.

Conclusion. Give your favorite music the sound it deserves. With headphone BH-01, you can enjoy the quality sound and get bright emotions from listening.

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