60% of users of RF block Internet advertising

Opera has done the research and shares its results, saying that more than 60% of Internet users block ads on sites while you surf.

Data taken from the study, which was conducted in October 2016. It turned out that only 2% of users consider online advertising is useful.

In the experiment, conducted a survey of more than 5 thousand users of Opera browser for Android.

I also specify what percentage of users satisfied with the speed of the mobile Internet, was found that satisfied more than 70% of the participants.

More than 64% of respondents using the mobile Internet, are spending more than 1 Gigabyte of traffic. 61% of users are worth from 300 to 700 rubles per month. While slightly more than half of respondents (54%) believe that the Internet in Russia is quite expensive.

The Parliament will be the mobile operators, because Opera users believe that the packages and tariffs so far lacking. Only 13.5% higher than the limits in the selected tariff. 38.4% of never exceed the limits, and 48.1 percent do it rarely.

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