Unmanned buses "MatrEshka" will appear in Moscow

The Government of Moscow surprisingly quickly became interested in and began to implement the idea of unmanned vehicles.

In 2017 on the roads of the capital will have buses and car-share vehicles driven without the driver's help.

For the production of buses meets the Russian company and SKOLKOVO resident – Bakulin Motors Group. The development is called "MatrEshka" and now being tested at the site center. After inspection in 2017, buses will go into production, then be tested on the roads of car-sharing services, and in the years 2018-2019 will appear at the capital's routes.

The Manufacturer gives the following parameters of the "nesting dolls": length/width/height of 4.6 m/1.7 m/2.7 m; maximum speed is 30 km/h, the battery capacity will be enough for a 130 km drive. Also the bus is equipped with an automatic self-test and continuous synchronization with the control center.