Income ABC and Google exceeded expectations of analysts

Nearing the end of 2016, so IT's time to bring the companies financial results. After Apple and Samsung, the successes reported by Google, which includes Google.

In contrast to his colleagues, the holding company has something to boast about. For the third quarter of the current year's consolidated income amounted to 22.5 billion.

The Above result for 20% more than a year ago. Operating profit increased from 4.71 billion to $ 5.77 billion. Net profit also went up from 3.98 billion to 5.1 billion.

Google is a part of the Alphabet, so the financial results are also known. Revenue for the third quarter of 2016 amounted to 22.25 billion dollars in operating profit of 6.78 billion dollars. The main part of the search giant's revenues — advertising. Which is about 16.78 billion, which is 18% higher in annual terms.

Of Particular interest is the column "Other income". Here the growth was 39% to 2.4 billion. This includes cumulative sales of hardware and Google Play Store revenues.