New ATL battery capacity 3000 mAh charge in 40 minutes

the Company ATL, which made "safe" batteries for Galaxy Note 7, has introduced a new battery that supports quick charging power of 40 W. it is Expected to create 3 batteries with different capacity.

In the meantime, told only about the battery capacity of 3000 mAh. In the laboratory the experts have managed to charge it to 80% in 17 minutes on a full charge it took 34 minutes. However, for security purposes, the charging time increased to 25 minutes in the first case, and 40-50 in the second.

Developers that use fast charging does not affect the "life" of the batteries and even after 700 charging cycles (the average life of 500 cycles) batteries retain 80% capacity.

Smartphones with the new batteries will go on sale next year.


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