Magnetic mount: video recorder Prestigio RoadRunner 506 GPS

Manufacturers of DVRs have been determined with optimal set of parameters, the most comfortable design and ergonomic design. However, the company Prestigio has decided to make a variety of well-established range of devices and has released a significant new RoadRunner 506 GPS with magnetic mount.

The fact that registrars are encouraged to remove and take with you when you leave your car in the Parking lot, especially in winter. The device does not tolerate low temperatures, and being a long time in a cold car can lead to failure. To remove a standard, the Registrar will have to Tinker. But not in the case of RoadRunner 506 GPS. With magnetic mount couldn't be more simple: lightly pulled and the device you have in hand. Let's take a closer look at the Registrar.

Packaging and delivery

As the other device Prestigio tested recorder Packed in a cardboard box in the signature red and white colors. The package includes everything you need: split charging, USB cable, magnetic mount, user manual and software CD. The microSD card is not included, however, many sellers are making it to the logger as a bonus.


RoadRunner slim, compact construction. The diagonal folding of the display is just 2-inch: the device can be completely hidden behind the mirror, and it will not distract from driving. Buttons located on both sides of the display, for easy control of all functions signed. On the left side under the cap is placed a slot for a memory card, close the Mini-USB port and a tiny Reset button.

Bottom-provided the speaker, and next to it is the microphone. Behind the frosted glass hides the led, which turns the recorder into a pocket flashlight. There are two red indicator and green. Red is responsible for power, green for the current device state (it flashes in video mode). In RoadRunner 506 GPS uses robust, durable components: the matrix-Samsung and the Novatek processor. The lens of the Registrar made of glass, therefore the high temperature in the car does not affect the picture quality.

The Compact mount is fixed on the glass of the double-sided tape 3M. If necessary, it is possible to replace the mounting tape, which is sold in DIY stores. Connect the recorder to the mount by a magnet. It is convenient: to remove the device, you will not need to remove the individual parts. The Registrar is securely fixed on a magnetic mount: it is not abating, even with a sharp start or braking.


DVR Management and configuration via the convenient visual menu. All the items properly translated in Russian language. The only caveat: will need some time to get used to the menu navigation. Entrance and moving the points is performed using the three buttons on the left and select through the buttons in the front. To configure the logger conveniently with two hands.

We were able to test the logger at different times of the day in bright sun and in the rain. The result pleased us: in all weather conditions and in low light rooms of automobiles are distinguishable at a distance of 15-20 meters. At wide angle, virtually no distortion. Speed and GPS coordinates recorded on the video stamp. To track the traversed path is possible at the coordinates on Google maps. The function of warning about speed cameras in the DVR is not provided. This is not a serious drawback. Option a radar detector are often found in modern browsers that handle it much better than the DVRs. Prestigio RoadRunner 506 GPS is equipped with a motion sensor and G-sensor that works correctly with default values. Emergency files are created only in case of real accident (under heavy braking and collision), the memory card is not overloaded with unnecessary information.


With the DVR we were satisfied. Thanks to the compact design RoadRunner 506 GPS can be completely hidden behind the mirror so it did not distract from the road. Due to the magnetic mount it can be removed at any time. Liked the quality of shooting in any weather, at any time of the day signs and license plates well discernible at a distance of 20 meters.

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