The announcement of the new MacBook Pro from Apple. Views

25 years ago came the first PowerBook — the "grandfather" of the modern MacBook. Apple celebrated the anniversary lineup announcement the completely redesigned MacBook Pro.

Revision Droider tried to answer the main questions about laptops, and studied the response of the audience on Twitter.

The Screen is bright?

Very. The 13 - inch and 15-inch Retina displays in MacBook announced the advanced display is 25% of the color range. Performance of contrast and brightness was increased by 67%.

The New iPhones explode 40% brighter than the Samsung phones, it is revolutionary technology increases the number of colors in a Shockwave 86.

— NextGen and Gain (@turbojedi) October 27, 2016

Delhi Esc?

Sent along with the function keys F1-F12 are on the dustbin of history. In their place came the Touch Bar is a small touch screen above the keyboard. Depending on the running application, the display displays a set of hot keys. Emoji in instant messengers, formatting — text editors brush in Photoshop.

Established over 45 years, the F-number is returned by pressing Fn button. To customize the contents of the Touch Bar will allow owners and developers.

It is "touching" the panel has provoked the most derision. — Sergey Korol (@krlsrg) October 28, 2016

@uplinkz1 all you asked for it — Kebab somewhere nearby (@FallFrom) October 27, 2016

All. Take — buckazoid (@booka3oid) October 27, 2016

With the new MacBook you can pardon the developer of the application or to take his life. — Sin and Gortanova (@HaroHaroGenki) October 27, 2016

In a display integrated Touch ID for easy and secure unlock MacBook Pro. If a laptop is shared among multiple users, switch between accounts is possible with a simple touch of the owner to the fingerprint scanner.

How to charge and where to plug in "stick"?

After the rejection of the 3.5-mm audio Jack and keys F1-F12, Apple dared to abandon the USB Type-A, MagSafe and SD card reader. Instead, they will offer you 4 universal connector USB Type-C for charging/connecting peripherals. Where to plug lightning-earphone iPhone 7, the presentation is never told.

The disappearance of the popular ports of the MacBook Pro is the step that the public does not appreciate. The irony from the Touch Bar was replaced by anger and disappointment.

Good evening — Ryabova Twitter (@ilyaliya) October 27, 2016

Thus, the reason to reject the message from heaven MagSafe, was about NO — Ryabova Twitter (@ilyaliya) October 27, 2016

Start your day with an Apple! Thank you for another day with adapters! is That Guy Zareckiy (@shaikhulud) October 27, 2016

You get a dongle, you get a dongle, you get a dongle, you get a dongle, you get a dongle, you get a dongle! — Chris Maddern (@chrismaddern) October 27, 2016

Only $190 need to buy adapters for MacBook Pro 2016 to bring the connectors MacBook 2015. And you are right panic rasulu like on all $200.

— Size (@size) October 27, 2016

What's inside?

The Latest processors Core i5/i7 Skylake from Intel, integrated graphics Iris 550 (discrete ATI Radeon Pro MacBook Pro 15), fast SSD up to 2 TB.

Why does my 12-inch laptop, four years ago, i7, 16 gigabytes of memory and a second slot for a ssd? Because it innovations not.

— NextGen and Gain (@turbojedi) October 27, 2016

@size When Shown the new MackBook at 2TB — dmitry Kotovsky (@hnknta02) October 27, 2016

Productive stuffing into the body thinner and lighter than the old MacBook Air. The thick 13 - and 15-inch MacBook Pro from 2016 equal to 1.49/1.55 cm vs "MacBook" — 1.7 cm in Air.

Compact size does not prevent Apple to increase the size of the touchpad 2 times and set the keyboard type "butterfly", as a 12-inch MacBook.

Air "all"?

Apple haven't updated the Air line, and at the presentation introduced her replacement — simplified MacBook Pro 13. For the sake of the price of the laptop is deprived of Touch Bar and Touch ID, weakened CPU, memory and graphics (Core i5 2.0 GHz, 1866 MHz Iris 540) and reduced the number of USB Type-C connectors to 2.

The next day the MacBook Air 11 have disappeared from the online store kupertinovtsy. The 13-inch model yet, but the hint of Apple on closing of the legendary ruler quite clearly.

That feeling when the MacBook Air is no more. The line was closed — A. S. (@isskop) October 27, 2016

How much?

Apple is asking for new MacBook Pro 1 799 $ 2 and $ 399 for models with 13 - and 15-inch screens, respectively. "Stripped down" version without Touch Bar will cost 1 $ 499. It will be available first. The really new MacBook offering pre-order.

In the Russian online store prices start from 119 990 rubles (13-inch, without Touch Bar) to 348 990 rubles (for the 15-inch version in the maximum configuration).

In Short, top-end MacBook Pro with 1TB SSD (in the shower don't understand where the announced 2 TB) would cost 235 thousand rubles — half a Ford Focus.

— Nikita Likhachev (@Niketas) October 27, 2016

At the end of the conference I can only say

1. You are to blame

2. It only gets worse

3. There's nothing you can do about it

— NextGen and Gain (@turbojedi) October 27, 2016

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