The black bar at the Samsung: Galaxy S7 edge ignition

Samsung black stripe. The company tarnished its reputation, lost users (according to the survey, about 40% of current owners of Samsung smartphones in the United States, refuses to devices the South Korean company) and billions of dollars to "spontaneously combustible" Galaxy Note 7. Stopped the production of "threat" phablet like the trouble began with the Galaxy S7 edge.

The Resource PhoneArena talks about the case of the Galaxy S7 edge in the United States that exploded while charging using the original charger. And the smartphone got the owner in an exchange program Galaxy Note 7. The unfortunate owner had to return for the second Samsung smartphone to the store.

Another S7 edge "snowspeeders" in Canada. This case was reported on the website Android Headlines. Smartphone owner Elisha Lowen, rode in the car, suddenly felt the smell of burning and saw smoke coming from the machine. The smartphone was safely thrown out the window, and then, after a stop, covered with snow. The operator, who purchased the smartphone, called the out-of-warranty, but by contacting support Samsung, the company promised to deal with the situation promptly.

This is the fourth known case of fire Galaxy S7 edge.


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