The Apple was brought to Russia slow iPhone 7

Flagship officially imported to the Russian market, work less quickly than their foreign counterparts.

The Reason lies in the different chips in some smartphones components from Intel, others Qualcomm.

Experts Cellular Insights tested data transfer speeds of different processors. Turned out to be. in good conditions both work equally chip, but Qualcomm (MDM9645M) exceeds Intel (XMM7360) in cases where the signal is attenuated by 30%.

The tests were carried out in the range of LTE Band 4, 7 and 12. Domestic operators are primarily within the range of LTE Band 7, 20 and 38, and are supported by both modems.

Also, experts have determined the Qualcomm chip is capable of working in CDMA networks. Thereby increasing the number of operators during travels around the world, and Intel becomes 2 times slower at the nearly depleted smartphone. Although the shortcomings of the latter can be skorrelirovany in the updated versions.

According to the newspaper "News", the iPhone 7 with Qualcomm modems are supplied to the American market, in China and Japan. In all other countries, including Russia, are smartphones with Intel.

To Determine what iPhone got, just. Just look at the model number of the device that is listed on the box and the gadget (models A1778 and A1784 have Intel chips, and A1660 A1661 and Qualcomm).

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