Samsung wants to keep the Galaxy S8 secret until the release

According to an article in Korea Herald, Samsung really wants to keep secret all the information concerning the Galaxy S8, to stop all possible leaks about this device, making it a real exclusive to the official presentation to be held in February.

Samsung offers data leakage and financial risks for the company and circulate to all employees and partners warning email notification with a request to prevent the dissemination of information about Galaxy S8 to the external environment prior to its announcement. In addition, threatening a stain on the reputation and possible termination of partnership agreements. About it anonymous said one of the suppliers. As you can see, it is a kind of leakage.

Given that this is mass mailing, you can assume that for key partners Samsung made a separate warning.

However, Samsung attempts seem futile. Too many links in the chain, too much attention to the emerging product. To keep it a secret or to establish a possible source of the leak, if it occurs, will be difficult. But let's see whether Samsung such measures to change the current situation in telecommunications. Because sometimes the vendors somehow manage to show presentations if the new product, which previously was not in the press hasn't said a word.

The article ended.

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