Now Red Dead Redemption can be played on PC

Rockstar has announced the sequel to the legendary Red Dead Redemption. Only owners of the PC it does not play, but was able to play in the original. Until recently...

You don't have to the shaman emulator and a crooked image of the game, it's now official, you can immerse yourself in the cowboy world first Red Dead Redemption and adventures of John Marston, thanks to PlayStation Now. Sony is a service through which you will be able to stream Red Dead Redemption with the PS3 version on PS4 and PC. All you need is a subscription to PlayStation Now. This month, beat the game and you will be happy. The game itself money to spend is not necessary. Powerful PC you don't need, responsible for all Sony server.

However there is one thing that PlayStation Now is officially in Russia is not functioning. But, after dancing with a tambourine around VPN, the prohibition can be circumvented.

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