Samsung ganged up on jokes about the Galaxy Note 7

it Seems that Samsung did not appreciate the humor community on the subject of her problems with the Galaxy Note 7. Western sources report that the company is currently hunting for a video with an exploding Galaxy Note 7, removing them from the network. The rollers began to appear after one of the mods GTA V Galaxy Note 7 began to use instead of grenades.

The inhabitants of the Internet thought it was funny, starting to upload videos to Youtube and spreading it. it happened about two weeks ago.

Samsung, decided that such jokes have no place on the Internet, because this content is pursued by the company, they are removed at least from Youtube. However, the exercise is useless, because what hit the Internet, will remain here forever, this is no time passed. A similar behavior of the company only attracts more attention to the problem, causing a new wave of interest.

Maybe this kind of PR campaign?

The article ended.

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