FlashMober entertainment mobile app for the launch of the challenge and flash mob

activity in the mobile app FlashMober, as the name implies, revolves around the whirlpool of the mobs. Unexpectedly, right?

Users create and run their favourite flash mobs or challenges, send them to friends, like it, comment on reports, communicate, add each other to friends. In General, the application is confident the social network, with a focus on entertainment and fun format. There are absolutely all the functionality that we all love so much, in addition to its unique "chips".

A Key and distinctive feature of the application and its basic idea is the magazine of the flash mob or the execution log of the flash mob. It allows you to see the history of execution of each of the flash mob or challenge users from all over his life. It contains all the necessary and interesting information. The total number of views and likes, the number of users who participate in it will show us how the flash mob was massive and interesting. Convenient filters will help to see which of your friends has carried out this task and where on the map it was executed.

It Is possible to view from the best reports of the participants of the flash mob, or filter them by date of participation of each user. Another useful thing is the presence of the Creator of the flash mob. Now, as they say, the country will know their characters and where the legs grow. For convenience, each mob you add to your favorites, to learn about new accessions in him. Really cool?

To View the total feed reports to all flash mobs remain indifferent to them hard enough. Looking at other people's top Laika records, I want to join the fight and to surpass all with its originality. Here's a bunch of parodies of pictures of friends; and frames to popular films; and memories of the holiday; and the struggle for the best creative photo style cosplay costume; and lots of other fun and interesting content. Users not only share their memories, pleasant experiences, but really creative and create masterpieces.

The Application will surely find its audience. The theme of the mobs and a variety of challenges, both long ago became popular and does not subside until now, and with the application FlashMober it will definitely come to a new, better and more interesting level.

Install "FlashMober" through the Google Play Store.

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