Virtual operator VKmobile starts before the end of the year

In early October, MegaFon zaregistrirovan trademark VKmobile, after which it became known about the plans for the establishment of a virtual operator in cooperation with "VKontakte".

The Project will start before the end of 2016. Pay will be actions in the social network.

VKmobile uses the infrastructure of MegaFon, the parties signed the relevant agreements. We will remind that MegaFon already owns YOTA, the largest virtual operator in Russia.

The Source of "Izvestia" announced the registration of a domain While the site at this address were not available.

In Addition to the money, VKmobile subscribers will be able to pay for communication services of the action in "VKontakte": "likes" advertising records, viewing of video clips or repost. Something like predlagal "Atlas", however, VOSS still does not start.

The creators of the project will consider the project successful if per year will be recruited base of 2 million subscribers. About as many use the services of YOTA. According to analysts, the average revenue per user of 300 rubles per month income VKmobile will amount to 7.2 billion rubles a year.