Phase from the Misfit hybrid clock with an unusual way notices

Manufacturers like Withingsnot go head first into the pool of wearable electronics, and trying to find a compromise between technology and the classics.

The Company is Misfit, which introduced a hybrid smart watch Phase, with autonomy of up to 6 months.

The Gadget connects to smartphones via Bluetooth and alerts users about notifications of pre-selected applications. In the absence of the OLED screen to notify the owner have with the help of vibration, a small led and arrows. With the first two ways are obvious, while the latter deserves a detailed story. The owner of the Phase can attach to the figures on the dial certain contacts. Arrows point them out during an incoming call or message.

The rest of the hours of comparable functionality with fitness tracker: consider the distance traveled, number of steps, calories burned, and monitor sleep. Metal housing protected from moisture and dust.

Phase will be sold in 5 colors at a price of $ 175 (about 12 000). Straps can be purchased separately.