Samsung has stopped the production of "safe" Galaxy Note 7

Who knew Anons Galaxy Note 7, in August will turn to Samsung nightmare. Complaints first owners at spontaneous combustion devices have led to public outcry, the harassment of the company and the ban phablet in the aircraft. Manufacturer urgently ototal sold devices and concentrated on the issue of "safe" modifications.

However, the explosions followed Galaxy Note 7 of new parties. Now the Korean company had to completely halt production "of plantations" for an indefinite period.

According to Reuters, Samsung is investigating the incident and promised another replacement. The IT giant has already sent the corresponding order to the factory in Vietnam is equipped with a large number of phablets for the international market.

The Us carriers AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile stopped selling "safe" Galaxy Note 7 and to give their clients in return the recalled devices.

According to analysts, the first "blast" wave took the company about $ 1 billion.

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