In GTA V use the Galaxy Note 7 instead of grenades

Samsung now, of course, is not to be envied. The story with explosions and fires Galaxy Note 7 has not yet been completed and rumor has it that the company may withdraw the lineup for the second time, as there are suspicions that even safe party these devices are still a threat. This is not the most exciting topic already pinned even gamers, releasing a mod for GTA V where is the grenade, the main character can use a Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The Mod is released by the player with the nickname HitmanNiko, allows you to use a Galaxy Note 7 or as sticky grenades or mines, simply undermines the other players.

Apparently this mod is inspired by the news that the fault Galaxy Note 7 is one of the owners of the burned jeep. However, 100% of the evidence in this case could not provide.

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