Nonclassical annual conference MIXAR-2016 ended

Second conference MIXAR at the site of the Cultural centre has collected more than 4,000 visitors interested in the development of new technologies, namely VAMR (virtual, augmented and mixed reality), 3D and interactive technologies. The main target audiences of the event were developers, representatives of the business environment, the creative class, experts, and all interested in VAMR technologies.

Like last year, MIXAR joined in one big space exhibition area EXPO, three lecture halls on the topics of business, art and science (LECTURE area), the food court area and recreation LOUNGE, and in the late evening AFTER-PARTY.

The Main theme of the conference was the theme of PHYGITAL TRANSFORMATION (digital transformation) that reflect the technology and startups that organizers have collected together again in one place. Through the event, the term Phygital (a combination of the physical and digital world) became more and more enter into a professional practice of experts. On this day the visitors of the event were able to experience the transformation of our everyday lives and the concentration of opportunities provided by these technologies. For example, to feel like the hero of the film in a 360 degree VR movie theater, a fully immersive virtual world using the latest devices, add your world of information via smartphones and the most advanced at the moment AR points to learn in the lecture hall how to interact with technology and how to create your products and projects in this field.

The EXPO Area was not empty since the opening of the conference at 11 am to the end of the conference. 35 Russian and foreign companies presented their innovations in the exhibition zone MIXAR. The atmosphere of dialogue "without ties" gave a chance to anyone who wishes to meet with representatives of organizations, ask questions, make new contacts, learn about open vacancies and to test yourself on the latest devices. Large area Strategic partner Skolkovo instead of spreading to the resident Fund, working in AR/VR technologies. On the stand is a Strategic partner of FRII, you could try mobile HTC Vive virtual reality system NODE. General information partner news Agency TASS also presented their project with a virtual reality helmet and big data. Also in the exhibition area it was possible to pass VR-a quest to learn about the use of augmented reality in industry virtual reality training, to get my 3D copy, and much more.

In the framework of a MIXAR film festival FILMFEST VR virtual reality happening simultaneous demonstration of films using the technology of VR Cinema, developed by one of the leading Russian companies in the Interactive Lab, according to the tradition, as equipment for such screenings equipment was used Samsung Gear VR, the program Director of the festival was Georgy Molodtsov.

The LECTURE Area worked in three areas: business, art and science. The program lectures were carefully developed VAMR-Evangelist, visionary and chief organizer of the conference Oleg Yusupov. The division into three zones allowed us to cover a wide range of issues and to fully reveal the theme in interesting discussions. Through business lecture was about 35 speakers who told the visitors about the impact of VAMR for various industries, the growth of the market of venture investments, and much more. For example, a Director of the company GeneralVR (industry partner), Anatoly Suzdaltsev moderated a session on the application of augmented reality technologies in Industry 4.0. In the discussion about the venture industry with the theme "what future projects are unicorns" was made by the representative of a Strategic partner Skolkovo Vasily Ryzhonkov, Intellectual partner of RVC Georgy Gogolev and Strategic partner of FRII, Ilya Korolev. Lectures on art opened its doors to filmmakers, young artists, teachers and students with a creative bent, as well as representatives of creative professions, working in agencies, studios and architectural firms. Lectures on the science incorporates lectures from leading scientists and companies.

In the LOUNGE area there are several food trucks with hot food and drinks and the right atmosphere created hot music from the DJ company RedBull, played right with the Hummer brand.


After finishing the main part of the event was the first awards ceremony for achievements in the field of virtual and augmented reality MIXAR AWARDS 2016. The conference organizers have awarded prizes for their great contribution to the development of VAMR industry: Andrew Ivashentseva (CIO Game Insight), Georgy Molodtsov (Director of advertising, film and VR360; Creative Director of “Laboratory of social advertising”), Basil ryzhonkova (Head of mobile tech hub SKOLKOVO), Alexander Lukichev (CIO VRtech), also awarded selected by the professional jury of the company under the loud applause of the guests.

The Winners of the major nominations can be viewed at the link

According to tradition, the busy day ended MIXAR AFTERPARTY. In a relaxed atmosphere, guests were able to discuss the results of the conference, warm up with hot drinks under the sound of the musician TONEC and just relax. The most active were waiting for tenders from leading creative conference Director Ivan Unitsky and organizer hangouts virtual reality Vyacheslav Utochkina, for the victory which could be won cardboards VR from the company Store.

Next year the visitors of the event will have a rich, rewarding and exciting conference on the latest technologies MIXAR. The organizers plan to make the event a two-day business and entertainment it is hard to accommodate in a single day. And anyone interested in small themed events throughout the year: meetups, hackathons, business breakfasts and workshops!

Facts and Figures of the conference MIXAR2016:

- 4000 visits to the hotel during 1 day.

- More than 100 participants of the conference

- 70 speakers and 35 exhibitors

Video and the presentation can be viewed at the links below:

- the Official youtube channel of the conference:

- the Official slideshare account of the conference:

The Photo on the website and social networks facebook and vk:




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