Small Nightingale, but the voice is great. Compact wireless audio player BT-06 from Rombica

Wireless speaker — it's convenient, you can carry everywhere: at parties and picnics, office and cottage. As Leonid Utesov sang: "We build a song and live help".

You just Need to decide, as Yandex.Market in the section "Portable audio" offers a huge number of models! Oddly enough, many portable systems have learned to play well, they used very simple acoustic diagrams, so sometimes I can't believe that an audible sound plays a small box on the table.

If you want to always have on hand a small audio player, this review is for you. I offer wireless speaker BT-06 from Rombica.

Packaging and contents

Dimensions of the box give an idea of the compactness of the device. On the package itself rendered enough information to help in choosing. The audio player is suspended inside the box with foam of foam so that no one party was not concerned with the walls of the box thus protects the device from mechanical damage during transport.

Supplied in addition to the audio player includes a manual, simple and easy to use, warranty card and two cables: micro-USB cable for charging the internal battery device and an audio cable to play music.


The Shape of the device – rectangle with rounded edges. Size - 169x68x53 mm, weight – 400 g. the audio Player is really compact that you don't have to face the choice every time, packing a backpack or handbag before leaving the house. Plastic body with a good top layer soft-touch coating that makes it pleasant to the touch. Glide in hand will not. High opacity helps to hide fingerprints and to create a special and pleasant effect of warmth and softness.

The column integrated non-removable battery capacity of 500 mAh, with which the column can work without recharging from 3 to 4-4. 5 hours, charging time is 1.5-2 hours.

Playback controls

All management is concentrated in the knob and is divided into three basic modes. Intuitively understood only with the first mode playback. In this mode, you can control the volume. To do this, simply turn the knob clockwise, the volume will increase to decrease the volume, you need to twist the handle counterclockwise. Briefly pressing the top, you can also pause play – pause. To resume playback in the same short motion, push the handle on top.

In order to understand the principles of control in the following mode had to get into the manual, which, incidentally, is easily available and explains the actions behind them and the team. We are talking about the navigation mode.

To enter this mode, press and hold the knob that you switched to the navigation mode prompt flashing LED indicator.

Moving between the tracks in accordance with the same principle as adjusting the volume. Turning a knob clockwise means that you move the library forward, and rotation in the opposite direction, counterclockwise will return you to the beginning of the track sheet.

In order to get back to playback mode to do nothing, the unit automatically returns to this mode after 10 seconds without your interaction with the audio player.

There is another mode – Handsfree mode. You can accept incoming calls using the device if your smartphone is at this time associated with the audio player. To talk you can with the built-in microphone and speaker columns. Short press during a call to make the call, short press to re-complete the conversation.

Audio and led indication

LED indicator with a colour glow will help you to understand the process of charging the internal battery and to determine the status and the mode in which the device resides.

Red indicates that the device is not used, and is in the process of charging.

The Blue color means that the audio player is switched on and ready for pairing with your device via Bluetooth, that will happen automatically if you connect first time.

The Purple glow is due at the same time glowing blue and red - and that means what are two processes in parallel – charging and active use of the audio player in one of its modes.

Sound alert will let you know about the successful pairing your devices with the audio player and also a beep will indicate to you that you have reached the lower or upper volume limit.

Acoustic features

With the volume at the pump no problems, room area of about 30 sq. m. is filled with music without tension. However, if you overdo it and crank the volume to maximum, becomes audible restrictions used in column acoustic components — conventionally, the “bass” driver choked, the sound loses clarity.

To play pop hits BT-06 will fit well, but the music is more complex when you play it starts getting “tired”, small parts dismantling becomes difficult. On the other hand the subwoofer compensates these shortcomings and adds drive to the sound, which suits the majority of casual users.

Dynamic range for such small speakers was surprisingly wide. Although for such a modest form factor is difficult to expect a very tight bottom, but despite this the audio player provides a solid bass. The total richness of sound provides enough feedback to start to the beat shake your head and tapping your heel under the table or even to indulge in prisyadku.

Interfaces and functionality

BLUETOOTH Standard - V2.1 + EDR. Column fairly easily connects with devices on Android and iOS. Distance work is also quite satisfactory. For example, within five feet of the device showing the maximum signal level.

Encouraged by the presence of line — because sometimes you need to “voice” the device is not able to output sound via Bluetooth (video projector, game console, handheld radio).


If you need a quality for its segment, and inexpensive portable speaker systems of small size, which can always carry, make sure you add BT-06 to your list of candidates for selection. To purchase the acoustics in the official online store Rombica Store for the price of 1 990r.

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