Paint your everyday life. Wireless earphone BH-05 from Rombica

music Lovers, gamers or regular users audio cannot imagine comfortable use your favorite devices without this necessary accessory is headphones. They help to communicate, to listen to your tunes, the better to navigate in space computer games, without being distracted by extraneous noises and doesn't make you the source of the noise. With the advent of wireless headsets, in addition to the comfort was the freedom to move and perform certain movements without restrictions.

For those who value comfort no less than freedom offered to pay attention to wireless headphones Rombica BH-05, which will explain in this review.

Appearance and ergonomics

Attractive design, stylish finish, pleasant to the touch materials, high-quality audio components — all of this you can find in the headphones BH-05.

The design of the attachment of the Cup of the earphone ensures a perfect fit, and the compactness ensures a comfortable form of ear pads.

The Length and diameter of the rim allow to customize under preferences and the anatomical features of the listener.

Ear cushions covered with eco leather, of good quality, providing increased comfort during use. They gently fit the ear, avoiding the loss of sound output and at the same time protecting it from extraneous noise.

The Model is available in two colors: orange and gray. Not in the least inferior to the sound quality of detail and color make these headphones a sophisticated embodiment of individual style.

Functionality and interfaces

The Headphones are wireless. Working on Bluetooth 4.0 technology. In a couple of headphones, you can give your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer player with Bluetooth.

All management is concentrated on the outer face of the right Cup dynamics. Behind the familiar for all symbols hiding clear action. There is also LED indicator that reacts to turn on/off the device.

There are two headphone connectors, they are on the lower edge on the right side of the micro USB for charging the internal battery, there's a led charging indicator, on the left – audio input. Built-in microphone allows you to accept incoming calls if the headset is currently paired with your smartphone.

Clean and deep sound

To Begin with, I was pleasantly surprised at how they sound headphones. Quality bass that makes the heart beat faster. And with built-in Bluetooth module you will not have to worry about wires when you decide to answer the call of the heart and to dance. Powerful speakers with a diameter of 40 mm in combination with a 24-bit digital signal processor (DSP) - he is responsible for the conversion to analog audio in the frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz, which improves the audio quality of the compressed intake tract via Bluetooth. Because of the frequency range headphones reproduce brilliant sub-bass rhythms.

Total harmonic distortion is only 0.2%, which reinforces the sound quality.

The midrange is detailed, but not expressed too bright, as is the case with low-cost models.

The High Frequencies are slightly subdued, do not cut the ear at maximum volume. Easy muted treble is only noticeable if you compare them with headphones Hi-Fi class.

Low Frequency. This is the edge acoustic range available to the human ear, so I'm not having super hearing didn't notice any obvious abnormalities. Bass didn't seem any too "hyped" or Vice versa scarce.

All the above characteristics contribute to the reconstruction of the clean and deep sound, listening to which is impossible to resist.

Wireless headphones BH-05 can easily be in the number of devices of Hi-Fi and compare with them the balance of sound characteristics.

Autonomy. Headphone BH-05 work from the built-in battery capacity 200 mAh. From my experience it was enough for 7 hours of music.

Packaging and contents

The Headphones are Packed in transparent blister, so before purchase you can see how they look in reality. On the reverse side of the box has a lot of useful information about the device, which will also help in making purchasing decisions. The headphones are fixed on a cardboard box inside which there is documentation and two cables: a micro USB and audio.

Swing music

When listening to music membrane in the headphone drivers are constantly in motion. It is also clear that at the factory no one is pumping headphones before packing and membrane to reach the end consumer in pristine form. As a car engine or a washing machine require running-in before use, and membrane speakers need to "pump", or as they say audiophiles "warm up". Warming up is a long continuous playback of white/pink noise at high power. However, I like warm headphones, just using them. Since in addition the roll-out of the membranes, there are still elements of the body, e.g. ear pads that after prolonged use they begin differently, to better fit your head.

Conclusion. Headphones BH-05 combines a clean and deep sound, refined original design, comfortable use for a long time and of course the price leaves no room for the torment of choice. To buy headphones in the official online store Rombica Store for the price of 2 990

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