Review budget smartphone Fly FS407 Stratus 6

Despite the hype around the flagship models from top brands, the fact remains that the public sector is necessary and important. This time to us to edition came super budget smartphone from Fly FS407 Stratus 6. Of course, the performance leaves much to be desired, but still let's see what we can survive from this model.

It is Worth noting that the majority of the Fly brand is designed not for everyone. More on these smartphones pay attention to the people of the regions, users with small queries, as well as parents to their child always remained in touch. If you consider buying a smartphone for the latter case, the state employees from the Fly – is truly a godsend.

Appearance and contents

Externally, the smartphone is fundamentally no different from its predecessors – streamlined and lightweight, plastic housing, just 120 grams. Compact body will allow even a child to work with him with one hand.

As usually is located the volume rocker, a connector to charge the device and output under earphones.

Included are the standard papers: warranty card and manual, headphones, charger, usb cable, battery (in the box is separately) and the phone.


Display this time was not pleased, he's from the last decade with the matrix TN and a resolution of 4”. For the Internet is fine, but for movies and other media content is unlikely. Saturation and vivid color reproduction here is not worth waiting.

What is good is charging the smartphone for long enough, because, as said above, there to spend it on. 1300 mAh battery will last for 2 days steady work.


As for the camera, she, by the way, one (front no), then again nothing special, has a flash and digital zoom, has a resolution of 2 megapixels. The focus here is clearly missing, until you got to the object, the desire to take a picture...

A Nice bonus – support 2 SIM cards and 3G. As shown by test the Internet is working fine.


The Waiting paid off. The smartphone has shown itself, as we assumed, the standard for public sector: a very simple display, weak processor with minimal features. Pleasantly surprised by the presence of Android 6.0 OS, although the RAM of 512 MB, this is not necessary. The smartphone has pre-installed package of Google apps: Youtube, Google Maps, Hangouts, mail, drive and Google Play Music.

This smartphone definitely has a narrow audience. It is perfect for children or adults as a secondary phone for calls. The compact dimensions allow you to easily control the device and use it for everyday tasks. And most importantly – the price is absolutely adequate and pleasant, just 2990 rubles.

The article ended.

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