It also disclosed details Droidcon Moscow 2016

September 22 in Moscow hosted the third annual conference Android-developers Droidcon Moscow 2016. In Technopolis gathered more than four hundred greedy of knowledge of the participants, Google Developer Expert s and media representatives. The event was organized by Apps4All developing Russian community of mobile developers, and a leader of mobile development in Russia and abroad e-Legion.

Natalia Alimova, I. O. SMO e-Legion

This year for the first time joined the organization Droidcon Moscow. I think this experience is a good start! Droidcon gathered under one roof, if not all, most Russian experts Android development. Each report ended with a storm of discussion often can be seen surrounded by a crowd Rapporteur. Very pleased with the fact that the experts were helpful and took time to chat with every interested participant and answer questions. Droidcon is rightfully considered as a global platform for exchange of experience.

The Business program was held in two streams and was divided into four sections: Android, VR, IoT, and Firebase. Section Android opened Google Developer Expert Denis Nekludov a report on adaptation of applications to new opportunities for API 24 (7.0 Android Nougat). Discussion Activity lifecycle in terms of MultiWindow moved to the Issue Tracker of Android, which led to interesting results: it turned out that the onStop will not happen if the user presses the Home button while you work with multi-window applications, but on Pause will be called.

Yuri Shmakov from Arello Mobile spoke about their own library to implement MVP. The theme of life cycle and inheritance issues from a variety of library basic Activity aroused the great interest among the audience.

Nikita Slushkin, the developer spoke about the solution to the painful problem of providing screenshots of the localizer so that they understand the context of those lines that are transferred.

Daniel Serdyukov from Kaspersky Lab shared his personal experience of implementing architectural approach MVVM using DataBinding. Despite the participants ' comments about their own negative experiences, Daniel is strongly recommended to use this approach in Android. Completed the first part of the section Android Dmitry Students from the company Tapcore report on the piracy of mobile applications. In comments to the speech, the listeners actively generate ways of pirates, and also spoke about their personal experiences publishing a free version of their game on pirate websites.

Natalia Efimtseva, Regional program Manager developer relations, Google Russia

Every year, the conference Droidcon Moscow gathers professionals in the field of mobile and Android development. This year tried the conference program to include as many practical reports and examples of using technology and Google's solutions in production applications.

The Second part of section Android opened Natalia Krivenko, head of international development Apps4All with the presentation of a program dedicated to the international prospects for developers. First Luts, Leichsenring presented the community Jobreloaded from the global Droidcon that connects Android developers around the world and helps them build a career at the international level. Next, Dmitry Grigoriev from Rubrain, international freelance platform, told about the advantages and disadvantages of working with foreign customers, and also gave some tips on how to organize the work process and make it most productive.

Alexander efremenkov of the Surf reached the depths of Android and despite the fact that the report was difficult, was able in 20 minutes to explain the details even to those who such things were not previously interested. Listeners inspired by his story about sun.Misc.Unsafe with the understanding of asked questions about the applicability of the tool in production, and also asked about the practical utility of this approach. Experienced developer and a young video blogger Alexander Smirnov of Splyt spoke about the intricacies of creating a good UI components and nuances of performance profiling rendering in runtime.

Continued program representatives 1C – Peter Gribanov and Anna Lavrinova, who spoke about the integration of mobile applications with their platform.

Dmitry Provotorov from the Manufactory in its report have demonstrated effective solutions within strict limitations Google Material Design. The participants looked at carefully selected samples of applications made in compliance with the Material Design, but it is embodied in the form of UI, not just strictly according to the guidelines, a "soul" and creativity. Closed a major section of the Android Alexander Belov from SPB TV a report about the existing technologies for streaming content from Android devices, the reasons for choosing a particular technology stream and some of the issues faced by the developers of such multimedia applications.

Denis Neklyudov, senior Android developer for Revolut, GDE

I Especially want to acknowledge the participants of the conference. The guys watched closely for each of the reports and looked at all the lines of code of the slides so that even did not hesitate to Express their doubts about the correctness of some of them. Moreover, the children with interest listened as in the overview of the theme, and in the most deeply technical presentations require good preparation. Even on a single report design audience responded actively, asking questions knowledgeably.

Overall, the day of the conference went very well, I want to thank the speakers for preparing reports and their vivid performances and say "thank you" to everyone who took part in the organization.

The VR Section started with the report "Designing for Google Cardboard" from Michael Wiseman of Trinity Digital, one of the leaders of GDG Moscow. Michael spoke about how to make cool apps for Google Cardboard with the point of view of design and applied technologies on the example developed by Trinity Digital application Airpano Virtual Travel for Android. Then Alexander Korshak programmer and enthusiast, leader of the GDG Nizhny Novgorod and Android Team Lead in the company Mera, spoke about working for Daydream. The speaker shared his hacks and nuances of developing for that platform. On this, Alexander decided not to stay and have shared their experiences in the presentation "Spherical video a look inside."

A section of the IoT has opened the Google Developer Expert Zviad Kardava. Zviad not just told, but also demonstrated in real time how people with two-way mirrors, of any tablet on the Android, screen and tape to make a smart mirror that can show time, date, weather, latest news or even your ribbon on Twitter. Continued section a very charismatic foreign GDE Sasha Wolter from Deutsche Telekom. He spoke about IoT and demonstrated unusual examples of the use of Internet of things. Sasha also explained to the participants, what are the concerns of many regarding this concept and have shown that to start building solutions in the IoT and connect a variety of smart things is not so difficult. His words Sasha backed up a live-coding and demonstration of how to interact with the real devices of Minecraft and Vice versa.

Next, Alexei Vitenko and Evgeny Ryzhkin of AppMetrica told about test automation SDK for Android. The first in the final section of the Firebase was made by Timur Akhmetgareev of App in the Air and told about one of the core features of Firebase – Firebase Analytics, and its integration with the Notifications to the Console and Remote Config. Timur considered several interesting usage scenarios of the ligament, and also have been running the feature upgrades that have fallen under the wing of a Firebase: App Indexing, App Invites, Test Lab. The program continued Sergey Smetanin from Rubeacon a presentation on how his company used a Remote Firebase Realtime Config and Database, as well as the results achieved thanks to this. In conclusion of the section and the whole of the business program was made by Alexey Mileev of App in the Air. It is known that Firebase is positioned also as an alternative went into oblivion Alex migrated your project to Parse Firebase and told about the different approaches to migration and the problems associated with them.

The Organizers of the company Apps4All and e-Legion, I Express my gratitude to the partners of Droidcon Moscow: Google, Tapcore, 1C, as well as all presenters and participants.

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