Safe Galaxy Note 7, too, explode?

Black strip for the reputation of Samsung is not over. After investigation and review of the explosive and the start of supply of safe smartphones Galaxy 7, still skips in the news cases of the explosion of the flagship. And here is the unknown: the reason is whether the defect of the phone or someone trying to become famous or earn money. After all, China has uncovered two cases of intentional external heating apparatus to simulate the explosion.

And here is a new incident of explosion occurred again in China, this country named Hui Renji acquired a Galaxy Note 7, numbered as safe (black square on the box), and less than a day smartphone exploded while charging from MacBook. According to the owner, he almost immediately was contacted by Samsung to provide a smartphone for the examination and installation of the cause of the explosion.

However, Renji States that he intends to appeal to an independent laboratory to determine the cause of the explosion, because he doesn't trust Samsung Corporation. What is this: really an attempt to find the truth or the way to a scandalous reputation - is unclear. Because, as always, there are a couple but: the first smartphone was bought on the site that is not the most honest reputation and not an official Samsung representative. And the second strange behavior of Renji and Hui charging the smartphone from a MacBook (perhaps there was a violation of the rules of operation).

Samsung promises to investigate the situation and ascertain the cause of the explosion, when you get the device for investigation, but for now we can only guess.

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