Lenovo again dismisses the employees of Motorola

Lenovo continues gradually dissolving inside Motorola Mobility. The company will cut worldwide, about 1 100 people, most of whom are members of the unit.

The Head office called the layoffs part of a strategic integration to optimisation of the product portfolio.

The Exact number and positions of employees of Motorola, who will have to find a new job, is not specified. However, the headquarters unit in Chicago will continue to operate.

"the Company also makes adjustments to the development of other business areas, in an effort to control costs, increase efficiency and maintain steady financial growth. Although these actions are never easy, they are an integral part of our efforts to ensure long-term growth in all divisions," — said the press service of Lenovo.

Recall that Lenovo is no stranger to "clean the ranks" Motorola. In the summer of 2015, the company said goodbye to 3 000 employees after falling profits 2 times and a decline in sales of smartphones Moto a third. In may 2016, Lenovo confessed that its purchase of Motorola Mobility for 2.9 billion dollars missed expectations.

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