The main conference in Russia about the real-time communications INTERCOM will be held in the hackspace "Steel"

on October 6 in hackspace "STEEL – Forge Technologies" will be held the first Russian conference dedicated to modern technologies of communication with customers – INTERCOM. Event organizer — company Voximplant.

Communication technology — "hot" trend this year in the IT field. Due to the active development and spread of instant messengers, bots and services-chat they have become an integral part of modern life and is increasingly being used for customer interaction in a business environment. A number of specialists consider them as a new stage in the process of building communication with customers.

Leading experts in the field of real-time communications will come together on one of Europe's largest conferences in this area — INTERCOM. The participants will discuss the possibility and necessity of introduction of convenient and effective tools of communication in traditional ways of interacting with customers to improve the quality of communications at all stages of business processes. The speakers will share their experience of creating and implementing services for social, mobile and web applications, will discuss technologies currently are for voice and video communications, chat rooms. And will also consider best practices for implementing cloud telephony and its future in the context of new technologies.

Among the topics of the conference:

  • WebRTC/ORTC: technologies, which today are for voice, video communications and chats;
  • Communication services operating model Uber;
  • AR: augmented and virtual reality;
  • Bots, messedzhing, WebRTC, and how they change the ways of interaction with customers;
  • Technologies of communication with clients;
  • Present and future of cloud telephony;
  • Real-time communicatons in education;
  • Conventional and unusual use of Peer-to-Peer technologies;
  • Unified Communications for business.

INTERCOM is two streams of General reports and special master-classes on business solutions and technologies for developers. Conference organizer: company Voximplant.

The Official conference website:

On 15-16 October, a week after the conference, INTERCOM, hold an international hackathon, TADHack. First global non-stop coding will join Russia. The hackathon also is devoted to increasing knowledge of communications technologies and aims at developing communication services and applications. At the same time in 33 cities around the world participants within 24 hours implement their own project and will get a chance to win prizes from partners and sponsors events of all countries. The total prize Fund is $42 000.

The Official website of the hackathon, TADHack:

Location: Moscow, hackspace "STEEL — Forge Technology", ul. Prospekt Mira, 119, 322 S. Park, exhibition center, pavilion №322.

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