IPhone 7: is mini-Jack plug plastic

These guys love to analyze everything, especially honey and fresh technique. iFixit, not surprisingly, took apart the iPhone 7 and a bit puzzled. First surprise was the fact that in the place where previously was located the iPhone audio Jack, which this year the company has donated, found a strange piece of plastic that is similar to just a stub.

There have Been suggestions that this piece of plastic might somehow affect the sound or is used to waterproof the device, but accurate understanding.

In addition, it was found that despite the two slots under the speaker housing, the speaker is hiding real only for a second, probably, only for beauty.

The Battery was a bit bigger, but could be even larger if the company used the usual motor for vibration feedback.

But came to the conclusion that the iPhone 7 is not so difficult to fix, as it might think previously. You still need a special screwdriver to open the device, but replacing the battery or screen (which is the most frequent problems) easier. In addition, got rid of the hardware home button, and one less mechanical part that could fail.

The article ended.

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