Advanced ergonomics, features: 4K monitor Philips Brilliance 241P

How to be a monitor for professionals working with color and graphics? With a detailed, clear picture, lifelike color reproduction, fast response time and technology to work on the computer all the time without harm to health, and huge energy bills.

Philips Brilliance 241P embodies everything needed to perform any task: with ultra high definition 4K UHD image is bright, intense and alive, advanced technologies save energy and reduce eye strain. Display offers advanced ergonomics – the user can rotate the display clockwise to adjust the angle and height relative to the surface of the table. Proceed to a detailed review.

Packaging and contents

Philips Brilliance 241P arrived in a compact cardboard box with pictures of the monitor and list the main parameters. Inside the provided foam inserts for safe transportation. Display comes with VGA cables, DVI, HDMI (2.0), mini-jack, a CD with software and drivers, user manual and warranty documents.


Design Philips Brilliance 241P can be called a classic: a round stand, panel average thickness, a minimum of decorative elements. Since the monitor is designed for professional use, this solution was very well-timed. Most parts are made from non-marking matte plastic of black color.

The Assembly will not take much time – everything is simple and clear: the display is hung on the rack with a lock with a spring-loaded latch, and the Desk in turn is attached to the base of an ordinary screw. This design gives the ability to rotate the monitor 90°, changing orientation from landscape to portrait, and change the angle, rotate around the axis and adjust the height relative to the table. The rubber feet design is robust, the monitor does not slip and does not falter. The Assembly is made on the level: all the parts fit well to each other on plastic, no burrs, backlash and clearances, we did not notice.

A Number of interface connectors is located on a ledge on the back side of the monitor, there are air vents. Power supply is external, so the design is very compact. On the left side of the rear wall is a USB hub on three ports, one for charging smartphones and tablets. There are small built-in speakers. The volume and quality claims have arisen: the sound is clean, clear and detailed. Somewhat lacking lower frequencies, but because the acoustics is focused on music lovers: speakers are ideal for connection, view presentations and videos.

Buttons to adjust settings are at the bottom of the screen on the right side. Function signed over the buttons, so the problems when using the menu will not occur. If desired, you can use proprietary software SmartControl, which is located on the manufacturer's website. The row of buttons ends with led power indicator. Nearby are the sensitive sensors that respond to illumination of the workplace and the presence of a user and optimizes the brightness of the backlight, thereby reducing energy consumption.

At the top of the monitor is a built-in webcam with microphone, a resolution of 2 MP. It is perfect for contact via the Internet, video conferencing and remote interviews.

Front-end connectors

In the monitor provides D-Sub connectors, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. The user can select a desired source manually or use automatic mode. Via HDMI you can connect to mobile devices using MHL technology and displayed on the big screen photos, videos and any other content in Full HD resolution. For digital audio use connectors, HDMI and DisplayPort, and the analogue signal to the speakers – mini-jack. For headphones or extra speakers is a separate port.


Despite the matte screen coating, crystal the effect is almost not noticeable. Setting the default colors are not designed for professional use, so the monitor will have to calibrate. Deviations for most of the templates – no more than 2 units. Real brightness of the white falls short of the claimed figures is 248 CD/m2. Rich black color causes the normal level of static contrast.

Response Time

For most of the transitions, the response time is 19 milliseconds – even during operation in "heavy" graphics artifacts are in the form of delays, delays and gaps of the screen will not irritate.

Viewing Angles and uniformity of illumination

The viewing Angles were sufficiently wide as horizontal and vertical. In case of any deviation from the direct viewing picture remains bright and saturated. The uniformity of illumination is in the range of ±20%. This variation is not noticeable. The monitor supports Flicker Free, reducing the flickering lights.


Philips Brilliance 241P suitable to work with serious professional applications: CAD, any photo and video editing software. Due to low response time and high refresh rate of screen artifacts in the form of delays, delays and gaps do not appear. Due to the possibility to adjust the angle and height of the display, the user can work on the computer for hours without experiencing discomfort in the back and neck. Built-in speakers and web camera with microphone allow you to save money on buying additional devices.

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