[Video] Allo — Google's latest attempt to enter the market of instant messengers

Google has finally revealed the partner Duo messenger bots, voice messages, stickers and other benefits. Revision Droider few days used Allo and prepared a detailed overview of the prior Android version.

The Final release of the app already available in App Store and Google Play.

Although the official release did not actually take place, Google has released a video presenting the main advantages of the project.

The Theater begins with a hanger, a messenger from registration. Unlike Hangouts, Allo does not require a Google account. The app is tied to the phone number to the device. Recent upsets: to use messenger on two smartphones or tablet and smartphone at the same time will not work.

On the home screen, assembled a list of chat rooms, pull-out menu offers quick navigation to the profile, blocked contacts, and settings.

The Settings a bit and they easily fit on a single screen.

Now in Allo available personal, secret, and group chats. Text correspondence will dilute the voice messages, photos (you can draw) and stickers. Search for GIF animations in messenger.

But in the shop a lot of cute and free stickers, so everyone will find a pair of matching sets.

Another way to highlight the message — to increase the source font. To adjust the text size, just hold down and pull up the send button.

Allo tries to keep up with competitors and offers bots. In a pre-release available only to Assistant. To communicate with a bot in the chat or add it to a conversation with the person.

Assistant all the forces pretending to be "alive": understands and responds to human language (only English) offers to play "guess the movie" or "Mysteries". On short acquaintance it's clear that the new assistant is much more "intelligent" and "humane" predecessor Now.

After nedovolstvo Telegram, Edward Snowden walked and Allo. Ex-NSA employee named messenger "app from Google, which records and stores all your messages for all time and provides them to police on demand".

What is the #Allo? A Google app that records every message you ever send and makes it available to police upon request. https://t.co/EdPRC0G7Py

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) on September 21, 2016

But Allo have a secret chat with the encrypted correspondence. Messages are stored only on the devices of participants of chat and deleted after a specified time interval.

It is Worth saying that at the moment, Allo is a sad sight: no simultaneous operation of two devices, landscape orientation, Russian language and user base. All except the last, will decide the updates. But what Google is going to lure the audience into "another messenger" – a mystery.

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