Samsung smartphones will be able to learn the owner's face and voice

One of the "Pisek" Galaxy Note 7 was a scanner of the iris, supplied with the usual fingerprint scanner.

According to rumors, the phablet is the first but not the last Samsung device with multiple methods of biometric identification.

The plans of the Koreans to release smartphones and tablets that recognizes the owner's voice and face. To do this, Samsung has partnered with Sensory, known technology TrulySecure.

New biometrics will not unlock the device. Recognition of voices and faces will serve to protect the application or confirmation of mobile payments. Samsung wants to provide more ways of authenticating that the owner enjoyed the fact that is comfortable in a particular situation. The fingerprint scanner recognizes a bad wet hands, so the best solution will be the authorization in the face. But if the smartphone is at the other end of the room, then the safest voice will be much more convenient.