Smart mirror from Google and implantable microchips: what surprised exhibition "Internet of things"?

on 29 September in Moscow will host the largest CIS event dedicated to advanced IoT technology, international conference "the Internet of things". This is a great event for the third consecutive year will serve as a catalyst for the development and implementation of technologies of Internet of things in Russia and the CIS countries.

Large-Scale event will bring together a conference of the two clusters (Industrial IoT and LifeStyle IoT), the exhibition will demonstrate the latest developments of the industry, meeting investors and developers Speed Dealing, thematic workshops and the Grand Battle of startups, which will be attended by Russian and foreign team.

What surprised the exhibition area?

Did You know that Google employee has created a real smart mirror? Here you are standing brushing your teeth, and meanwhile can view news, see the time and weather. The presentation of this fantastic development, which may in 10 years will hang almost every resident of the metropolis in the bathroom, will be held at the exhibition "Internet of things".

The Company Digiwell will reveal to attendees the door to a future world where no old age and all diseases can be easily cured with the help of bioimplantation and microchips. "Any man can be a cyborg!" – say the representatives of the company. Looking at their design, you will realize that Yes indeed you can.

Around the world rapidly introduced data transmission technology standard LoRaWAN. In Russia, this direction is developing two companies: Kerlink and AURORA Mobile Technologies. At the exhibition visitors will demonstrate new generation of communication.

Soon we will be surrounded by smart homes, smart offices and smart factories. This will take care of the "Throne Project" iRidium Mobile and Rubetek Evo. At the exhibition you will be able to see their developments for automation smart structures.

A Unique integration solutions and platforms for the IoT will represent such market leaders as Tibbo systems, Huawei, Revolta Engineering, HeliosNet and young but promising company Rigtech. Cloud technology and IT products of these manufacturers really deserve attention. By the way, read more about what cloud technology can be found on the stand NetRack.

Want to know more about automation, utilities and other industries, or you are interested in telemetry solutions for remote data collection? Welcome to the stands of the companies "SWIFT Telematics" and "Network 868". "We are building a network of Internet of things and help to do it different" – so say their representatives.

Interesting robotics and microelectronics for IoT? Online shopping Amperka and MGBot will bring to the event the newest products of these industries. Even here, you can try to assemble your own robot!

You've Probably already heard of the fitness bracelet OneTrak. And if you tried it in action? If not, come to the exhibition and test of the unique capabilities of the domestic smart tracker. Counting steps and calories you burn, the smart alarm clock, ability to set fitness goals and choose the restaurant with the appropriate menu – this gadget is focused on the Russian consumer, which distinguishes it from Western counterparts.

The Exhibition "the Internet of things" will be held September 29 at the World Trade Center Moscow. The third international branch event will highlight the latest innovative developments and determine the main direction of development of IoT technologies in Russia in the near future. Don't miss this important event!

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