Unreleased Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans was leaked

In 1998, Blizzard Entertainment was going to release a quest similar to the then popular Broken Sword or Full Throttle, but in the Warcraft universe. The game with high-quality hand-drawn graphics. But all of a sudden the project never saw the light of day officially. But the distributions of the game appeared on various resources. However, to download it is not so simple - the company removes the links.

However, if a little string up, the sources could be found, after that hit the Internet stays here forever.

The Toy is about the Orc Tralle, which we will meet then in a number of products of the American company, and previously could see in WarCraft II.

It is said that at the time, Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans was not released due to the mismatch between the quality standards of Blizzard. Interestingly, the development was carried out jointly with the Russian Studio Animation Magic.

The Leak occurred recently from a man with the nickname Reidor. Although back in 2010 on Youtube, there is a passage beginning of the game, but then argued that it exists in an abridged version without the part clips. Now, if you search well, you can find the whole story with all inserts and even the documentation for Russian language.

The article ended.

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