The Xiaomi Mi 4c explosion caused burns to 3 degrees

Does not subside the noise around snowspeeders Galaxy Note 7 as in the Chinese forums has information about the explosion of the smartphone, this time the Xiaomi Mi 4c.

Camera for monitoring traffic in China captured the moment of the fire phone, which was in the back pocket of his pants. Later there were pictures from which it is clear that the source of the explosion was the battery. The explosion, the owner received burns to the buttocks of 3 degrees.

Of Course, now we are considering an isolated case, but looking at the pictures of the victim, it becomes clear why it has grown so much around the defect battery Galaxy Note 7. And though the assurances of Samsung, smartphones defective not more than a hundredth of a percent, obviously, the danger they can pose in the hands of regular users, or on Board the aircraft. After all, if the owner of the Mi 4c at the moment of explosion was talking or just used a smartphone, the outcome would have been much more tragic.

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