Passions around "burning" Galaxy Note 7 "flare up" more

Every day, information about new cases of fire Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This is also the case distinguished by the fact that the child suffered. A new fire Galaxy Note 7 there were in Brooklyn, at the hands of a six year old child when he watched the video.

Lucky he escaped with minor burns and psychological trauma - his scare any phones. Most likely, Samsung will be able to resolve the situation without litigation, the relatives have already contacted representatives of the company.

But all the hype fire, reviews of smartphones, prohibitions in the aircraft hit hard on the company. Its shares fell 11%, the cost fell by a whopping 22 billion dollars.

As Samsung has denied the information about the remote disabling of smartphones from troubled parties, which remain in the hands of users after September 30. According to representatives of Corporation, information about remote deactivation is not understood correctly, and soon the official website will display the correct guide for owners of Galaxy Note 7. Such information received by journalists AndroidCentral, when contacted with representatives of Samsung.

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