Problem Galaxy Note 7, Samsung already has a solution?

Continues the hype around the troubled for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. After the American and Australian airlines ban on the use and charging on Board the aircraft entered Finnish Finnair. This situation arose after a few dozen cases of spontaneous ignition devices and has cost Samsung $ 10 billion, it is so much cheaper the Corporation is, after requests not to use Note 7 on Board the aircraft.

Samsung also responded quickly. The Corporation published on the official website a petition to stop operating the device, turn it off and use the exchange program.

For Example, in the U.S., the exchange program offers two options: either to exchange the Galaxy Note 7 Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and to the difference in the cost models. Either wait for the marriage to be resolved and the Commission consumer product safety US will approve the smartphone and get back the same model and going to use a issued Galaxy J or other gadget. Regardless of the option selected, Americans will receive a certificate for $ 25. An added bonus in some countries, those who chose the second option, will receive the virtual reality glasses Gear VR. A nice bonus, especially considering that to expect a working machine not long, according to the Reddit resource.

Healthy Supply of smartphones will begin on 19 September, primarily to countries where they were sold. For Russia, date is unknown, there is only vague wording is autumn 2016. On the same resource, it is reported that the smartphone will not be exchanged until September 30, Samsung will be deactivated remotely.


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