Loud and long - Highscreen Boost 3 SE

Yesterday the company Highscreen has held presentation of two devices: Boost 3 SE and Thunder. Moreover, once again showed a new gadget directly into a rock festival, thereby clearly showing that the smartphone really loud and powerful sound. Such that even offhand does not occur the names of other devices that could compete.

Highscreen Boost 3 SE - office of the company, which will delight those who appreciate quality sound. The guys from Highscreen paid this time well attention. First, chose not the standard solution used by most companies, and put the DAC ESS9018K2M. In addition, worked with Android, were able to circumvent the restrictions on downsampling any signal with sampling rates above 48 kHz in Android.

However, this imposes some requirements to the headphones - if you want to feel the sound, to skimp on them is not necessary.

Like Boost 3 SE is also for those looking for just a loud machine that will easily allow you to listen to music even in the subway, even on the construction site. Imagine: Boost 3 SE only 30% volume easily drowned out what was happening on stage. Powerful sound, vibration of the floor under his feet, a single note with the price - only what was selected in the player. Impressive. Boost able to cope with the demo headphones and the Sony MDR1A BT and Plantronics, which turned out to be one of the fellow journalists. None of the smartphones, which ended up in the hands during the event the volume with Highscreen Boost could not be compared.

The Advantage would be the fact that Highscreen Boost 3 SE learned to give a signature sound not only in the standard player, you can now set any favorite.

The Second point, which Boost boasts a battery. Standard 3100 mAh, plus there are extra on the 6900 mAh, in the box.

In addition, a 5-inch IPS FullHD screen, 8-core processor MediaTek MT6753, clocked at 1.3 GHz.

Use Main camera 13 megapixels (sensor ISOCEL), front-5 megapixels.

System - Android 5.1 Lollipop.

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