Recalls unsuccessful Samsung Galaxy Note 7

just yesterday we told you that Galaxy Note 7 Samsung came fakap. The device is so popular, it a lot of pre-orders and have a good sale in the world, but it has serious problems that end with the explosion of battery while charging. Like it or not, and it is necessary to do something because it is dangerous.

Now the company officially commented on the situation, sending out a press release. Samsung reports that usually tries to make products of the highest quality, and therefore very seriously reports of incidents with the Galaxy Note 7. The company's engineers have investigated the situation and have to admit that the battery issue does exist.

Moreover, Samsung itself says that 1 September was recorded at least 35 problem cases, because now the sales of frozen and the deliveries stopped.

As for Russia, in our country, the start of sales was scheduled for the autumn, but because the smartphone has not yet returned to their prospective owners will now gadgets only of the new party, and the period of the official start of sales is transferred and it is not yet clear.

Samsung Also promises that those who have already paid preduzeca will get the gadget one of the first, but the company was sympathetic to the fact that some buyers will want to opt-out of pre-order, promises to return the funds in full.

For questions regarding pre-orders or the use of Galaxy Note 7, you can also contact the hotline: 8 800 555 55 55.

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