Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ignites spontaneously, the sale is suspended

When devices sold tens of millions, but suddenly one of them kind of randomly lights up, it is unpleasant, but not very scary. Can be a single marriage, and the wrong operation or some other reason. But if the news about the fire coming from different places, from different buyers, and besides, are not isolated, it is a chance to think and find out the reason. Pocketnow reports that some of the phablets Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was burned.

The Situation in this case is complicated by the fact that the model turned out to be excessive. Samsung sent out press releases about the fact that the number of pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 7 rolls, demand is high. And here I rushed for no reason seems to be the problem, ending with fire. It is already known at least five cases.

Samsung has, of course, to respond to the problem. The company has suspended shipment of the devices at least in South Korea, is currently conducting additional testing gadgets and investigate why such a thing could happen.

The questions of what happens to devices that have already been sold, is that the answer is not ready.

It is Also known that at least two cases have been recorded in the homeland of the company in South Korea.

Waiting for further developments.

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