Sony Xperia X Compact have hit the benchmarks before the announcement

a Few days before the exhibition IFA 2016, which starts in Berlin, becoming more and more information about the devices that we see. Some companies, such as Alcatel, send out newsworthy press releases, others just invite you to visit our stand at the appointed time, but did not disclose details about the planned gadgets. However, it is for them others do. For example, it became known specifications of the device Sony Xperia X Compact.

We have already some time ago, I wrote about this device, showing the first pictures Xperia X Compact, which shared with us Evan Blass. Now, a popular benchmark for smartphones Geekbench found the data after passing the tests Xperia X Compact and gadget spec.

According to the leak we are waiting for a smartphone with a screen of 4.6-inch (1080p resolution), equipped with 4 gigabytes of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 32 gigabytes of internal memory.

In addition, two cameras: the main 16 megapixel front and 8.

NFC, WiFi, Bluettoth and other interfaces, as well as proximity sensors, light, accelerometer, heart rate sensor, gyroscope and GPS.

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