Sony preparing to launch Xperia X Compact

PhoneArena dug up the information and share it with us that Sony is preparing a new device marked "Compact". It is expected that the novelty will be shown together with the Xperia XR at IFA in September 2016, and the name she will get Xperia X Compact.

Is that about the smartphone in General almost no information except for images, which are shared with us by @evleaks.

You Can examine the device and assume that the screen size here is less than 5-inch, for those looking for a not too large devices. This will be the fourth compact device after a Sony Z1 Compact, Z3 Compact and Z5 Compact. The screen was 4.6-inch with 720p resolution. In this special thanks can be expressed Sony for what the company has left the top characteristics for devices, putting them in the budget class.

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