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Mobile service Russian Place is useful and the only mobile application that combines the communication features, discount and beneficial services. The main challenge is to expand the boundaries of the Russian-speaking world, helping users to navigate most comfortable abroad.

By using this service, you will be able to post information about your services, browse interesting news, learn about discounts and promotions, finding new friends and acquaintances that share similar interests. The service allows in real time to find useful objects on the map such as pharmacies, currency exchange offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.

How it works?

For Example, you come to a new country (for work/relax/ any other reason), around the unusual situation, strangers. By opening the app on your mobile phone you will easily be able to identify interesting places, make new friends, as well as to save money and to get discounts from our partners, as the system will automatically detect your location and make a selection of proposals by interest, by using special filters in real-time. For example, you would need a pharmacy, convenience store, currency exchange, taxi, etc. With the application of Russian Place you can find everything you need, and to know in advance about the events.

I want to note, the app is absolutely for free.

Every day application boundaries are expanding more and more into new cities and countries. That is why, we suggest you to register in Russian Place now.

To become our member, you only need to:

  • Download and install the application Russian Place on your mobile phone
  • Sign up and create Your personal account
  • Add information about yourself in the "Can help" in Your profile

Our partners are already hundreds of professionals across Europe and this figure is growing every day!

Russian Place – pushing the limits of the Russian-speaking world and gives you the opportunity to feel at home in any country of the world.

The Application is absolutely free, with simple and intuitive interface, oriented towards the user.

Web version:

Having problems with installing or have questions? We will gladly help You, just write to:

to Establish a "Russian Place" through the Google Play Store.

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