To go or not? 5 reasons to visit the interactive festival WEGAME

on 10-11 September in Kiev will host a festival of interactive entertainment – WEGAME. Still don't know if you let it go? The event will gather the best representatives of the game industry, game developers and gamers, well-known cosplayers of Ukraine, players of world renown. Do you still have doubts? Here are 5 more reasons which their notes.

Reason # 1: famous Ukrainian video game developers

One of the participants of the festival will be the company Frogwares. Creative Studio was founded in 2000, and since then games have become very popular among gamers. The developers of Frogwares, a series of games dedicated to Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes:The Mystery of The Mummy, The Awakened, and others), Dracula (Dracula: Origin), travel and Apocalypse (80 Days, Journey to the Center of the Earth).

Today, employees of the company Frogwares been developing games for most consoles: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Wii.

Discover the festival WEGAME, what is the future for developers and gamers in Ukraine.

Reason # 2: representatives of the best resources for gamers

Surely you don't just read news, buy games or use other features of gaming online G2A? The festival WEGAME you will have the opportunity to talk personally with representatives of the project. You will learn about how to use the platform G2A as a source of income when it is profitable to buy skins for characters and what additional features offers resource for gamers.

Today, the Playground G2A – one of the fastest growing in the world, she was awarded the Global Excellence Award 2016.

Reason # 3: developers from Europe

European developers simply can not miss our festival WEGAME. The Polish company The Farm 51 will come to the event to share with you the latest developments and to tell about features of work in the game industry. Want to learn from experts about how outsourcing created the game "the Witcher", or you're interested in hearing about other, more pressing projects?

The Farm 51 can be proud of accomplished shooters NecroVisioN, Painkiller: Hell & Damnation. By the way, they realized a sensational project Chernobyl VR, through which everyone has the opportunity to be in the area of man-made disaster without leaving home, with the help of virtual reality glasses.

What releases to expect from them next, you can learn at the festival.

Reason # 4: an exciting battle drones

This year within WEGAME will be a Grand battle drones, details of which are kept in the strictest confidence. Innovative technologies will accompany the festival throughout the two days: the equipment of augmented reality, hi-tech gadgets games, robotics, and more!

Reason # 5: area of Board games and interactive quests

You could play various Board games and participate in quests. The festival WEGAME will be plenty of opportunities to have a good time regardless of age.

To Play as a team, meet new people, chat with well-known representatives of the game of the market and the competitive players is not all that you can do on the main interactive event in Ukraine.

Stay tuned for updates of the festival program WEGAME on the official website:

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