Asus Zenwatch will show 3 on August 31, 2016

Recently, Asus Zenwatch smart watch 3 was held at the certification that is already in itself means that the gadget will soon appear on the shelves. But first, it should officially show to the public. It was then that we learned that the clock will be round. Today is the famous date of the presentation of the device is August 31.

This Asus officially said in Twitter. As can be seen, the event will happen before the opening of IFA 2016.

It is also Interesting that if you carefully look at the illustration, which was used by Asus, it becomes clear that the company still loves the word "Incredible", which was previously used in the slogan.

In addition, Asus Zenwatch 2 showed the world the same way at the same time, the company remains true to its habits.

Some do not exclude that on 31 August we can see not only ZenWatch 3, but some new smartphones of Asus.

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