Another portion of the photo Asus ZenWatch 3

we All love to look at the pictures. So let's carefully and meticulously evaluate what prepares us for the Asus. The most intelligent watch, which will hit store shelves called the ZenWatch 3. Shashgear got some more pictures of this device, which can be seen literally everything.

If you previously information on the ZenWatch 3 it was not much, but it was already known that they will be round, now they can see. Some immediately say that the device resembles the Moto 360, although there is nothing to argue, because only the rounded shape doesn't make them a copy.

Watch round, dark in colour with Golden edging ring (the housing is made of steel) and three mechanical buttons on the right side. In addition, it is clear that complete with 3 ZenWatch has a leather strap. The charger is also round, sharpened by the contacts on the lid hours.

Unfortunately, complementary information on the specifications of the device is still there because just looking at the photo. Probably smart watch will come in several color solutions, but what is not yet clear.

How do you do this design?

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