Listen to music and be in touch: overview flagship wireless headset SVEN AP-B480MV

Today, wireless headsets are becoming increasingly popular and steadily out of the Windows of usual wired device. Wireless gadgets have a lot of advantages: first, they are much easier to connect to mobile devices, and secondly, even the most simple headsets boast a full range of inpatient controls, and thirdly, unlike wired "counterparts", you can use them in impressive distance from the connected audio source. In this regard, the company SVEN, which occupies the position of one of the leading manufacturers of acoustic devices, expands the range of wireless headsets. Today in our review of the flagship headset SVEN AP-B480MV with support for SD cards.


Packaging SVEN AP-B480MV is a suitcase with plastic transparent walls, through which it is possible to consider the device from all sides. SVEN company has not changed traditions and the design of the packaging used the familiar blue and white colors. Without opening the box, we learn about the main advantages of headsets: the list of technical parameters put on the packaging. The package contains everything you need: audio cable for alternate connection to the sound source, the wire to recharge the battery, USB-microUSB, a detailed user manual and warranty card.

Exterior design

Despite extensive functional AP-B480MV looks much more compact than other models in this range. The strict and laconic design, there are no eye-catching elements, so the headset is a good complement business image. For the case chosen was a thick glossy plastic of black color. Cups are decorated with silver trim inserts "under metal". The foldaway design: single motion headset turns into a miniature gadget that will fit in any bag and will not break during transportation.

The Inside headband is padded with foam trimmed with rubberized eco-leather. This material, in contrast to leather made from natural ingredients, so the skin under it breathes well. Finish soft ear cushions made of genuine leather. They fit snugly to the ears and create a good sound insulation. Cup attached to the headband by means of hinges. All components are tightly fitted to each other, backlash and gaps we have not noticed. On the plastic there is a seam, the seams are stitched neatly and evenly.


All the controls are on the left side, they are convenient to use with one hand. Thanks to a successful arrangement of buttons you get used to them from the first minute using a headset. With fixed controls, you can accept incoming calls last number redial, adjust the volume, start and pause playback, and switch music tracks. Slider power control located on the side of the headband. There is also a microUSB port and microSD card slot.

Pairing Mode is activated when you first turn on the headset. By the way, SVEN AP-B480MV compatible with gadgets equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 module. Next to the control unit is an led indicator that notifies the user about the status of the headset and the battery level. For all actions envisaged soundtrack: the user receives notifications in English. Phrases simple and very clear even for those whose knowledge of a foreign limited to the basic level.

The headset has a built-in radio receiver that tunes to any FM station. SVEN AP-B480MV works offline – you can listen to music from your SD card. External media must meet the following criteria: the file system is FAT32, and no greater than 16 GB, class 10. If the battery is discharged, you can connect a headset to the audio source using autoprovod mini-jack (3.5 mm) supplied.

Frequency range of SVEN AP-B480MV the same range of previous models. Emphasis on MIDs, so the ranges of low and high frequencies more narrowed. On sound quality it is almost not affected, but the voice transmission has a positive effect: during contact the sides perfectly understand each other even with background noise. The range of the headset is 10 meters. With the active use of all functions of the device full battery charge lasts on average 8 hours.


Within the middle price range of the company SVEN managed to create a headset, which in many respects is not inferior to expensive wireless devices. A pleasant impression of a strict exterior, solid build and comfortable design. Thanks to a breathable finish ear cushions and headband, to use the headset for hours and not experience discomfort. A huge plus is the ability to connect to SVEN AP-B480MV card slot – this feature turns the gadget into a full-fledged audio player.

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